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This Page shows the Instructions of the understanding of characters. YOU DON'T NEED T TO READ THIS IF YOU DON'T FEEL YOU NEED TO!

Characters Throughout

As you can see i've deleted some of the infomation on what the characters do (for example: Throughout the episodes their in.) on their pages, due to the infomation can change and some mains don't appear as much as the protagonists.

Meanings in Characters

(Not all these meanings will mean anything to other series in an other genre aim.)

  • Protagonists - They will appear in all episodes, and mentioned in scenes where they are not present and in a different situation and aim of doing. They are a little bit the same as Main Characters. The Protagonists may change in new seasons depending on plot focus and change of situation.
  • Main Characters - Some people may think that Main Characters are importent to the story and ment to be seen in all episodes, it is true but here they are not so much. They Won't appear in all episodes but will be seen throughout the series in someway or form.
  • Supporting Characters: Supporting characters are characters who join episodes first or inbetween a storyline. Althrough they are seen before hand, it's not a gurarantee that they will be in every season and episode.
  • Minor Characters: Minor Characters are small roles and seen in one episode and one episode alone. Minor Characters are not importent to the plot and only for background effect. Minors will get a bit of screen time in an episode but after one or two small scenes they will not be seen again. But sometimes minor characters may have an extra scene either as undead or alive. Some minor characters will be the main topic of chat depending on what kind of chat characters are having, but not seen during chat.