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Season One

Season One of Unleashed (Series)

Season Summary

This season shows the beginning of the zombie outbreak in Britain, which makes it's way to a caravan park called Valley's End Holiday Park inwhich is causes terrifying chaos and makes the holidayfeel into a holiday from hell. When a group of 20 somethings take a holiday at Britains most famous and large caravan holiday parks, but it isn't all what it seems when the undead turn up and rip the party apart. Can they survive the endless chaos of blood guts and gore long enough to escape britain's famous holiday park?


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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) #
DOTD MAIN [[Day of the Dead]] Writer: Vampires1001 #01
SOMETHING IS COMING -- Everyone is preparing for the night of their lives and Valley's End holds a big festval show with a surprise band in the entertainment complex. Meanwhile, A group of druguse and drinking teens hold a party in their caravan to end all parties. In the entertainment Complex, people are partying like the 90s and everyone is having an amazing time but something is going to happen that will destory the whole park!
TUW MAIN [[The Unwanted]] Writer: Vampires1001 #02
SOMEWHERE ELSE -- The undead thrive through out the park and Phone lines, TV Signals and Power are out. Danny and Jessica both realize the horror that has settled on the world. On the other side of Valley's End, Maxine Denver and Frank Denver a couple in their 30s try to recieve a signal on their TV and get to The Entertainment Complex where their son is but it won't be easy.
[[Image:|150px]] [[The Outside World]] Writer: Vampires1001 #03
HOW WILL THEY GET THEIR? -- Outsider, Nick Gautier finds a young woman Clarice Pierce on the road trying to get to Valley's End Holiday Park they both team up for survivial and head for Valley's End to find their loved ones who are taking a holiday there, will it be a success?
  • This Episode Focuses on two outsiders trying to get to Valley's End.
[[Image:|150px]] [[]] Writer: #


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