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This is a wiki dedicated to my fanfiction zombie drama Unleashed. Based in a british Caravan Park named Valley's EndBEWARE: Some of the characters descriptions reveal spoilers.

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See Character Instuctions for more details.

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I do have more main characters but i need Actors/Actress for them; submit them Here.

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More Supporting Characters soon. Males needed! Audition Here.

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-- Minor Characters are here.

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Welcome to the Unleashed Wiki


This Zombie FanFic series is set in Caravan Park called Valley's End Holiday Park in a universe where the world is ending and zombies are taking over. One by one around the world people are killed by the undead, returning to life and killing the living making the human population decrease, by that power generators and lights will fail. Luckily for the holidaymakers at Valley's End Holiday Park they are cocooned inside metal gates cut-off from the horror and luckily for them they don't know about the horror in the outside world but how long will that last?....

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